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Meeting & Event Management & Online Registration Features
Increase attendance at your meetings and events with e-mail invitations and online registration

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Online Registration for Meetings & Events That's Quick & Easy

    Promote Your Meetings & Events

  • Create custom event descriptions
  • Promote your events via e-mail
  • Easy online event registration or RSVP

    Manage Your Meetings & Events

  • Accept credit card payments
  • Offline registration for phone, fax, and on-site
  • Flexible ticket pricing
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • Create an online community

    Easy To Use

  • Quick and easy account setup
  • Real-time reporting shows RSVPs or paid registrations
  • Hosted solution without local software
  • Free for meetings & events without credit card registration

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Affordable Pricing for Events

SureToMeet Basic Services

  • Basic event RSVP services
  • No account setup fees
  • Send e-mail invitations
  • Use survey/poll feature

SureToMeet Credit Card Registration Services

  • Includes all Basic Services
  • Accept payment with major credit cards
  • Does not require your own Internet credit card merchant account and gateway account
  • Low Credit card processing fee with payments deposited into your bank account frequently

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Getting Started is Quick and Easy
We invite you to use SureToMeet's easy features to grow attendance at your events, meetings, and activities.

It's easy to start using SureToMeet.

  1. Create your account using your e-mail address and preferred password.
  2. Receive an e-mail with your personalized authentication link, then click the link and log in.
  3. Complete your Organization Profile describing your organization and how to receive payments for your event tickets.
  4. Create your events by clicking Create Event in the menu, and describe your event.
  5. Select whether you want to track RSVPs (for free events) or create a set of tickets (for paid events).
  6. Paste in your e-mail invitation list and schedule your e-mail event invitations.
So, get started using SureToMeet to bring people together at your meetings and events.

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Event Promotion

  • Create an event page for each event, meeting, or activity
  • Copy or repeat events and schedule for automatic publishing, ticketing, and e-mailing announcements
  • Automatically adjust each attendee's invitation to their timezone
  • Automatically add new contacts to future events.
  • Show attendee list on event page for community involvement
  • Event pages are automatically optimized for search engines
  • Organization page lists all upcoming public events with links to individual event pages Example Event Page
  • Provide calendar notation with one-click for personal calendars, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal
  • Invitees see events from multiple organizers on their individual SureToMeet calendar
  • Provide registrants with a map and door-to-door driving directions
  • Poll attendees as they RSVP or pay for registration using a flexible survey system

E-Mail Invitations

  • Schedule up to five e-mail announcements/reminders that include complete event description details and a link to the RSVP/registration Web page
  • Track recipient action after receiving e-mail announcement/reminder (i.e., opens e-mail, views Web page, indicates RSVP response, purchases ticket)
  • E-mail announcements/reminders include a short URL to event page that are easy to e-mail to friends, associates, and colleagues
  • Allow invitees to use the invite-a-friend form on the event page to send e-mail invitations that can add new invitees to your database

RSVP Tracking

  • Track each person's RSVP (Yes, Maybe, or No) so you'll know who will attend your event, activity, or meeting
  • Display an optional list of people on the event page and their RSVP response (Yes, Maybe, or No)
  • Allow invitees to leave short messages on the event page
  • Monitor RSVPs for both public and private events
  • RSVPs by people viewing a public event listing are added to your contact list for future events
  • Limit the number of people who can RSVP "Yes," while continuing to accept "Maybe", and "No" RSVPs for a waiting list
  • Allow attendees to add guests
  • Track who opens an e-mail invitation and views the event Web page
  • Track e-mail "bounces" so you know to update their contact data
  • Print the RSVP list to use at event registration
  • Export the invitation list to a spreadsheet to print name badges

Online Registrations

  • Create different ticket types such as member or guest, specifying different prices for each type of ticket
  • Specify up to three discounted prices for each type of ticket a different "early bird" deadline date
  • View printable attendee list with names of each attendee and ticket purchased
  • Export attendee data for use in a spreadsheet or local database to build custom reports
  • Create your own discount codes to offer special registration prices to select attendees

Online Credit Card Payments

  • Online event registration pages are pre-populated with all the information of your registrant's profile
  • Captures complete contact data when registrant purchases tickets online
  • Enter registrations taken offline (i.e., check or cash at the event) and automatically add to your master attendee database
  • Export registration data for use in spreadsheets and local databases
  • Printable receipt Web page and immediate e-mail confirmation sent to registrant
  • Low credit card acceptance fee, no set-up fee, and your net receipts are deposited into your bank account.
  • High-level 128 bit encryption, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and no credit card numbers are stored

Contact & Membership Database

  • No maximum list size
  • Enter contacts individually or in batches
  • Extensive CRM features, such as list segmentation, source, notes, status, next contact, and complete event attendance history
  • Opt-in subscription form can be placed anywhere on your Web site
  • Upload & Save Contact Lists -- Import and save contacts for easy invitations and reminders
  • Segment contact/membership list into specialized groups for use in specialized events and e-mail, and organization committees
  • Allow contacts/members to update your data for them when they update their own profile

Online Membership Payment

  • Collect membership dues online with membership payment form
  • Create multiple membership levels with individual payment amounts
  • Extensive tracking and reporting for applications and renewals
  • Review any member's full transaction history
  • Publish a member directory for public or private access

Attendee Profile

  • Invitees can provide as much information about themselves, including uploading a photo, as they wish to share
  • Invitees can allow other invitees to click the link to their profile from an event description page
  • Invitees can allow other invitees to add them to their SureToMeet "My Contacts" list
  • Contact data about a person can be automatically updated when that contact updates their profile

E-Mail Newsletter

  • Create and send e-mail information, reminders, and newsletters
  • Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor makes it easy to create and format content, preview, and publish e-mail newsletters and mailings
  • Use offline-created HTML content for maximum control over formatting and branding
  • Schedule delivery date and time
  • Subscribers can easily unsubscribe from newsletters without unsubscribing from event invitations and reminders
  • Subscription form integrates with existing Web site's look & feel
  • Subscribers can update their own profile

Web Calendars of Public Events

  • Public Events are automatically included in searchable public calendar on SureToMeet.com
  • Public Events are syndicated to other Web site sites according to their content and location
  • Public Events are supplied to Google and other search engines within hours of being published
  • Add a calendar of your events to your Web site that is automatically updated
  • Cross-promote events with a combined calendar of events to your Web site that lists events for your organization and other related, local, or affiliated organizations

Personalized Event Recommendations

  • Weekly SureToMeet Event Newsletter includes events and activities that match each subscriber's interest profile and location
  • Personalized event calendar recommends events and activities that match each subscriber's interest profile and location

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