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State Patty's Day Pledge
Take the pledge and help restore Penn State!


To all Penn State Students and State College Residents:
We are all familiar with State Patty’s day and the effect it has on the State College community and Penn State University. Last year’s event alone recorded 234 arrests, which was 160 more than 2010. The week prior to State Patty’s day is THON, an incredible act of true volunteerism, demonstrating the amazing capabilities of the united Penn State community. While the THON weekend displays some of Penn State students' best characteristics, the next weekend easily displays some of the worst characteristics. State Patty’s festivities are a weekend filled with drunkenness, chaos, medical emergencies, and arrests. Because of the growing recognition of this day, many students from neighboring colleges also travel to State College to become part of the “holiday”. The problem is students from other schools are many who create these problems.
Following the Sandusky scandal and the media fire this past fall, many people were upset with the way our university and students were portrayed. If we honestly care about our university, let us prove to the world that we are more than a culture of excess and of hidden injustice. I implore you on behalf of the university, the community, and for “the Glory of Old State”: take this pledge to not participate in State Patty’s Day.
I, _________________________, promise on behalf of my university, community, and fellow classmates, that I will not participate in State Patty’s Day 2012. I will not encourage other students to participate, either those from Penn State or surrounding colleges. With this pledge, I want to help restore Penn State’s honor and respect Old State. I will do my best to be part of the solution rather than the problem.
For The Glory of Old State

When: Saturday February 25, 2012 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM Eastern

Where: State College, , State College, PA 16801

Organizer: For The Glory Of Old State

The event has already occurred.

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